Anghik, Abraham


Born:  1951       Male       W3-1205

Place of Birth:  Paulatuk

Resides:  Salt Spring Island; also lived in Paulatuk, Inuvik, Yellowknife and Vancouver

Sculpture, Drawings, Printmaking

       Abraham's brother, David Ruben Piqtoukun, is also a well known artist.   

       Abraham studied printmaking, silversmithing, and sculpture production under  

       Ron Senungtuk, an Alaskan Inuk, at the University of Alaska.                 



       1974                                     Group Exhibition

                                                   University of Alaska                             

                                                   Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.A.

       1975                                     Group Exhibition

                                                   Arctic Circle                                    

                                                   Edmonton, Alberta

       1977                                     Group Exhibition

                                                   Art Gallery of Ontario                           

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       March - June 1978                The Coming and Going of the Shaman:

                                                   Eskimo Shamanism and Art                         

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       1979                                     Group Exhibition

                                                   Royal Ontario Museum                             

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       November - December 1980   Three by Four

                                                   Children of the Raven Gallery                    

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

       October - November 1981      The Inuit Sea Goddess

                                                   Surrey Art Gallery,                              

                                                   (organized to complement the Musee               

                                                   des beaux-arts de Montreal exhibit               

                                                   of the same name)                                

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)


       1982                                     Group Show

                                                   Gallery Phillip                                  

                                                   Don Mills, Ontario

       January 1982                        Works by Anghik, Morrisseau, Odjig,


                                                   Gallery Quan                                      

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       July - August 1982                New Work by a New Generation

                                                   Norman McKenzie Art Gallery,                     

                                                   University of Regina                             

                                                   Regina, Saskatchewan

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       September 1982                    Works by Abraham Anghik, David Ruben

                                                   Piqtoukun and Stefanie Ham                       

                                                   Gallery Quan                                     

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       November 1983 - March 1985

                                                   Contemporary Indian and Inuit Art of Canada

                                                   Department of Indian Affairs and Northern        

                                                   Development, Ottawa, presented at the            

                                                   General Assembly Building, United Nations        

                                                   New York, New York, U.S.A.


                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       February 1984 - June 1986   Arctic Vision: Art of the Canadian Inuit

                                                   Department of Indian Affairs and                 

                                                   Northern Development and Canadian                

                                                   Arctic Producers                                 

                                                   Ottawa, Ontario


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       March - May 1985                 Uumajut: Animal Imagery in Inuit Art

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)


       May - June 1986                   The Spirit of the Land

                                                   The Koffler Gallery                              

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       October - November 1987     1987 Eskimo Art

                                                   Franz Bader Gallery                              

                                                   Washington, DC, U.S.A.

       December 1988 - 1989          Im Schatten der Sonne:Zeitgenossische Kunst

                                                   der Indianer und Eskimos in Kanada/In the        

                                                   Shadow of the Sun:Contemporary Indian and Inuit  

                                                   Art in Canada                                    

                                                   Canadian Museum of Civilization                  

                                                   Ottawa, Ontario


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       January - March 1989           Out of Tradition:

                                                   Abraham Anghik/David Ruben Piqtoukun             

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       January - September 1990    Arctic Mirror

                                                   Canadian Museum of Civilization                  

                                                   Hull, Quebec

       January 1991                        Sojourns to Nunavut: Contemporary Inuit Art

                                                   from Canada                                      

                                                   at Bunkamura Art Gallery, presented by the       

                                                   University of British Columbia Museum of         

                                                   Anthropology and The McMichael Canadian Art      


                                                   Tokyo, Japan


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       February - June 1991            Granville Island Canadian Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Exhibition (first exhibition)                    

                                                   Vancouver Inuit Art Society                      

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia


       January - March 1992           Images of Influence:  Contemporary Inuit Art

                                                   Surrey Art Gallery                               

                                                   Surrey, British Columbia

       June - October 1992             Nouveau Territoires...

                                                   350/500 Ans Apres, Presented at les maisons      

                                                   de la culture Cote-des-Neiges, Notre-Dame-       

                                                   de-Grace, and Rosemont-Petite Patrie             

                                                   Montreal Recreation and Community                

                                                   Development Service and les Ateliers             

                                                   Visions Planetaire                               

                                                   Montreal, Quebec


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       November 1992 - January 1993

                                                   Borealis: Inuit Images of Man and Animals

                                                   Freeport Art Museum and Cultural Centre          

                                                   Freeport, Illinois

       1993 - 1993                          Arts from the Arctic

                                                   Anchorage Museum of History and Art              

                                                   Anchorage, Alaska


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       March - April 1993               The Theme of Transformation in Inuit Sculpture

                                                   The Isaacs/Innuit Gallery                        


       April - July 1993                  Multiple Realities: Inuit Images of

                                                   Shamanic Transformation                          

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       October 1993                       The Shaman's Drum - Echoes of the Past

                                                   Images of the North                              

                                                   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)



       November - December 1993   Sculpture Inuit et

                                                   Retrospective Pudlo Pudlat                       

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       November - December 1993   Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       August - October 1994          Inuit Art from the Canadian Arctic

                                                   Bayly Art Museum                                 

                                                   University of Virginia                           

                                                   Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A.

       October 1994                       Sculpture of the Inuit:

                                                   Major Works by the Masters of Stone              

                                                   Maslak McLeod Canadian Art                       

                                                   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

       May - September 1995          Keeping Our Stories Alive:

                                                   An Exhibition of the Art and Crafts              

                                                   from Dene and Inuit of Canada                    

                                                   Institute of American Indian Arts Museum         

                                                   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       October - December 1995     The Next Generation

                                                   Orca Aart Gallery                                 

                                                   Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)


       1973                                     Abraham Anghik

                                                   Arctic Arts Gallery                              

                                                   Edmonton, Alberta

       1975                                    Abraham Anghik

                                                   Arctic Arts Gallery                              

                                                   Edmonton, Alberta

       December 1976                     Abraham Apakark Anghik

                                                   Langlois Gallery                                 

                                                   Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

       July - August 1977                Abraham Anghik - Drawings and Sculpture

                                                   Pollock Gallery                                  

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       August 1978                          Abraham Anghik, Recent Sculpture

                                                   Pollock Gallery                                  

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       1979                                    Abraham Anghik

                                                   Pollock Gallery                                  

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       January - February 1980      Abraham Anghik - New Sculptures

                                                   Pollock Gallery                                  

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       September 1980                    Abraham Anghik

                                                   Bayard Gallery                                   

                                                   New York, New York, U.S.A.

       1981                                     Abraham Anghik

                                                   Images for a Canadian Heritage                   

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

       December 1991                      Spirit of my People

                                                   Alaska Gallery of New York                       

                                                   New York, New York, U.S.A.


       Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario

       Board of Regents Office, University of Juneau, Alaska, U.S.A.

       Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec

       Citicorp, Toronto, Ontario

       GE Canada Inuit Art Collection, Mississauga, Ontario

       Glaxo Canada Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

       Guardian Capital Group Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

       Imperial Oil Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

       Inuit Cultural Institute, Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories

       Labatt's Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

       Laurentian University Museum and Arts Centre, Sudbury, Ontario

       McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

       McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario

       National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

       Noranda Mines Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

       Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 

       Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

       Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba



       1974     Received a Cultural Grant to participate in an Arts and Crafts study tour

                of British Columbia, which was sponsored by Indian and Northern Affairs


       1975     The Society for the Encouragement of Northern Talent adopted one of

                Abraham's drawings of an owl as the design for their coat-of-arms.

       1977     Attended the July opening of his solo exhibition held at the Pollock Gallery

                in Toronto.

       1979     Commissioned by the Nahanni Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of

                the Empire to sculpt a piece that was donated to the Prince of Wales Northern

                Heritage Centre in Yellowknife.  The carving, entitled "Children of the

                Light", took four and a half months to complete.

       1979     Received a Cultural Grant to participate in the Eskimo Art-in-Conference II

                held in Winnipeg.

       1980     One of six artists included in a commemorative portfolio of prints

                which were published to assist the Royal Ontario Museum's

                Renovation/Expansion Fund.


       1980     Received a Cultural Grant to attend Eskimo Art-in-Conference (III) in


       1989     The sculpture "Shaman/Sedna with Raven Familiar" was featured on the cover of

                the summer issue of Inuit Art Quarterly magazine.

       1991     Won the $100,000 prize in the Glaxo Canada Inc. sculpture competition for his

                16-foot work titled "Northern Myth, Northern Legend".

       1991     Attended the artists'sessions held in Ottawa by the Inuit Artists' College

                as an instructor.

       1993     Appointed chair of the Canadian National Committee for the exhibition "Arts

                from the Arctic."

       1995     Along with Joe and Bill Nasogaluak, Abraham completed construction of a six-

                metre, six-tonne sculpture of steel, metal and concrete, entitled "Spirits of

                the Land", for the newly renovated lobby of the Stock Exchange Tower in

                Calgary, Alberta.




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