Sharky, Toonoo


Born:  June 5, 1970       Male       E7-2729

       Resides:  Cape Dorset



      Toonoo is the son of the late carver Josephee Sharky and Ragee Killiktee,  

     who carves once in a while.  "My younger brothers, Napachie and Alasua are   

     also carving", says Toonoo.  He lives with Mary Saila, and they have an

     adopted child.                                                                       


       "I was influenced by my grandfather Kopapik Ragee, and also by Shorty        

       Killiktee.  The first carving I did was at the age of ten.  I think it was a 

       bird or a seal." Toonoo has been carving ever since and it has been his only 

       source of income.  He likes to carve in serpentine and marble.  "I like the  

       colours and also the textures of both stones.  When I'm starting on a piece of

       stone, I like to slowly work on the piece until the shape starts forming into

       a shape I can recognize.  Sometimes I just go by the shape of the stone. My  

       favourite subjects are bird figures with human faces."                       


       Toonoo's favourite pastimes are carving, hunting, watching television and    

       spending time with his family.  He would also like put together a collection 

       of his carvings in the near future for his own solo exhibition.              


                                       from an interview with the                   

                                       Inuit Art Section Nov. 1994.                 



       May - June 1987                [Inuit Art Exhibition]

                                                   Whitby Arts Incorporated,                        

                                                   The Station Gallery                              

                                                   Whitby, Ontario

       February 1989                   Arctic Images: Major Sculptures by Canada's

                                                   Leading Contemporary Eskimo (Inuit) Artists      

                                                   at D/Erlien Fine Art Limited                     

                                                   presented by Orca Aart, Chicago                  

                                                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

       May 1989                           Birds: Sculpture from Cape Dorset

                                                   & Rock Ptarmigan Limited Edition                 

                                                   Print by Kananginak                               

                                                   The Guild Shop                                   

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       August 1989                      Art Inuit, la Sculpture des Esquimaux

                                                   du Canada                                        

                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai         

                                                   at Chapelle de la Visitation,                    



       October - Dec 1989         Baffin Images

                                                   Orca Aart                                        

                                                   Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

       January 1990                    Art Inuit, la Sculpture des Esquimaux du Canada

                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai         

                                                   at Centre d'Action Culturelle du Bassin          

                                                   Houllier, Lorrain, Saint Avold                   


       March 1990                       Art Inuit, l'Art des Esquimaux du Canada

                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai         

                                                   at Maison Falleur, Cambrai                       


       April 1990                          Art Inuit

                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai         

                                                   at Palais de l'Europe                             

                                                   Le Touquet, France

       June - July 1990                Small Sculptures from across the

                                                   Canadian Arctic                                  

                                                   Feheley Fine Arts                                

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       December 1990                New Miniature Sculpture

                                                   Gallery Phillip                                  

                                                   Don Mills, Ontario

       February 1991                   Animals of the Arctic

                                                   Arctic Inuit Art                                 

                                                   Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.


       April - May 1991                Inuit Master Carvers

                                                   Snow Goose Associates                            

                                                   Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

       November - Dec 1991     Second Generation Cape Dorset Carvers

                                                   Albers Gallery                                    

                                                   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       January - March 1992       Images of Influence:  Contemporary Inuit Art

                                                   Surrey Art Gallery                               

                                                   Surrey, British Columbia

       February - August 1992   Inuit Art on the Mezzanine: New Acquisitions

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       April - May 1992                Two Young Carvers from Cape Dorset: Toonoo Sharky

                                                   and Qiatsuq Shaa                                  

                                                   The Isaacs/Innuit Gallery                        

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       October - Nov 1992          Arctic Ice: Sculptures in Marble by the

                                                   Artists of Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories    

                                                   Marion Scott Gallery                              

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       November - Dec 1992     Inuit Sculpture--New Acquisitions

                                                   Pucker Gallery                                   

                                                   Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       November - Dec 1992     Sculpture Inuit

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec


       March - April 1993            The Theme of Transformation in Inuit Sculpture

                                                   The Isaacs/Innuit Gallery                        


       June - July 1993                The Next Generation --Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Gallery Indigena                                 

                                                   Stratford, Ontario

       October - Nov 1993          Sculpture and Graphics from Cape Dorset

                                                   Art Space Gallery                                

                                                   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

       November - Dec 1993     Sculpture Inuit et

                                                   Retrospective Pudlo Pudlat                       

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       November - Dec 1993     The Treasured Monument

                                                   Marion Scott Gallery                             

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

                  amp;nbsp;                                 (illustrated catalogue)

       November - Dec 1993      Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       January 1994                     Shamans and Transformations

                                                   Albers Gallery                                   

                                                   San Francisco, California

       October 1994                    Sculpture of the Inuit:

                                                   Major Works by the Masters of Stone              

                                                   Maslak McLeod Canadian Art                        

                                                   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

       November - Dec 1994     Small Sculpture by Great Artists:

                                                   The Younger Generation                            

                                                   Feheley Fine Arts                                

                                                   Toronto, Ontario


       April - June 1995              The Birds of Cape Dorset:

                                                   A collection of sculpture by                     

                                                   32 Cape Dorset Carvers                           

                                                   Albers Gallery                                   

                                                   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       May - September 1995    Keeping Our Stories Alive:

                                                   An Exhibition of the Art and Crafts              

                                                   from Dene and Inuit of Canada                    

                                                   Institute of American Indian Arts Museum         

                                                   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       July 1995                            Sunakutagnuvalautut:

                                                   Things from the Past                             

                                                   Feheley Fine Art                                 

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       October - Dec 1995         The Next Generation

                                                   Orca Aart Gallery                                

                                                   Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       November - Dec 1995      Miniaturen

                                                   Inuit Galerie                                    

                                                   Mannheim, Germany


       March - April 1996            Major/Minor

                                                   Marion Scott Gallery                              

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia



       January - February 1992  Toonoo Sharky

                                                   Inuit Galerie                                    

                                                   Mannheim, Germany

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)




       Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia 

       Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba    


       1991     Attended Qatuujiqatgit Sanaguatit-Contemporary Carving/Sculpting Session

                organized by the Inuit Artists' College at the Ottawa School of Art in


       1994     Travelled to Coral Gables, Fla. to participate in the International Festival

                of Craft Arts, winning first prize for sculpture.


       Institute of American Indian Arts Museum         

           KEEPING OUR STORIES ALIVE:  An Exhibition of Art and Crafts from

           Dene and Inuit of Canada.  Santa Fe, N.M.: Institute of American

           Native Arts Museum, 1995.

       Marion Scott Gallery                             


           NORTHWEST TERRITORIES.  Vancouver:  Marion Scott Gallery, 1992.

       Marion Scott Gallery                             

           THE TREASURED MONUMENT:  An Exhibition of Small-scale Inuit

           Sculpture.  Vancouver:  Marion Scott Gallery, 1993.

       Mitchell, Marybelle                               

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