Faubert, Mario

Aerial photographer

It was always a dream of mine to become a pilot. This dream began after primary school in St. Stanislaus de Kostka, where I was born, and was finally realized at Bourget College in Rigaud where I did all my schooling as a boarder. The photography aspect came later on, but it still occupied an important place in my mind. While attending college, sports occupied much of my time, in addition to my involvement in the Army cadets. During a cadet sponsored visit to a military training center, I developed the desire to join the Armed Forces as a pilot and before completing high school I finally applied. To my surprise, after the battery of tests and exams, I was chosen.

To make a long story short, I realized early on that I was simply not a soldier at heart and so I rendered my resignation and finally decided to apply to Chicoutimi College, Quebec’s only college certified to train bush pilots and helicopter pilots.

Three years later I graduated as a Commercial Pilot and during the next several years I flew all sorts of passenger aircraft ranging from 4 to 60 seats. I flew for the well known Saputo Cheese company as a corporate pilot as well as for the airlines with Inter-Canadian. Of course, when the time permitted I would often use my camera and take pictures through the cockpit window. I flew over a good part of Canada, the United States, and particularly the James Bay area of Quebec as we served Hydro-Quebec in the north. Then one day, while during a flight, I had a great idea to start my own company specializing in aerial photography of the highest quality. That’s when the desire for total freedom came about.

After an intensive course in aerial photography I started to fly over Quebec, in particular, the Montreal area. This is where my passion for photography finally took place. However, I quickly realized that aerial photography was quite demanding from many perspectives and was not something I could master from books alone! It took a lot of perseverance to attain the level of excellence that I strive for to this day. I acquired the best Canon cameras and lenses on the market and also associated myself with the best photo labs in Montreal.

I continue to live my passion!


Nunavik, Quebec unknown