Samualie, Eliyakota



       Born:  May 9, 1939       Female       E7-952

       Died:  November, 1987

       Resided:  Cape Dorset

       Drawings, Prints, Sculpture

           "A Canadian Inuit graphic artist and sculptor, Eliyakota Samualie was born

       in a coastal camp near Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories. Since her father  

       died when she was very young, Eliyakota was raised for many years by her     

       maternal grandparents. She moved into Cape Dorset in the early 1960s to live 

       with her mother. Though Eliyakota never married, she raised one adopted child

       until her death in 1987.                                                      


           Eliyakota began drawing in the early 1960s while still living on the land.

       Her drawings were first translated into prints for the 1970 annual Cape Dorset

       collection. Eliyakota's imagery consisted mainly of bird forms, occasionally 

       combined with human, spirit, or flesh elements. Her drawings and the resulting

       print images are notable for their precision, stylization, and symmetry. Line

       and composition are tightly controlled; Eliyakota's birds are not merely     

       depicted, they are displayed. This rather decorative style occasionally      

       resembles that of the renowned Cape Doset artist, Kenojuak Ashevak."         


                       Ingo Hessel.                                                 

                       In "North American Women Artists                             

                       of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical                     

                       Dictionary" 1995.                                            





       August - Sep 1968           Eskimo Sculpture, Eskimo Prints and

                                                   Paintings of Norval Morrisseau                   

                                                   Art Association of Newport                       

                                                   Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       1970, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977,           Cape Dorset Graphics

       1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1985,           (annual collection)                               

       1986, 1987                                             (illustrated catalogue)


       October - Nov 1973          Sculpture Inuit 25 Years After

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                   

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       October - Nov 1978          Eskimo Art

                                                   Embankment Gallery                               

                                                   London, England

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       August - Sep 1979           Cape Dorset: Recent Sculpture

                                                   Gallery of the Arctic                             

                                                   Victoria, British Columbia

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       Sep - October 1980         Cape Dorset

                                                   Robertson Galleries                              

                                                   Ottawa, Ontario

       Sept - October 1981        The Jacqui and Morris Shumiatcher

                                                   Collection of Inuit Art                          

                                                   Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery,                    

                                                   University of Regina                             

                                                   Regina, Saskatchewan

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       June - October 1982        Inuit Art from the Art Centre Collection

                                                   Macdonald Stewart Art Centre                     

                                                   Guelph, Ontario

       1983                                   An Enduring Tradition II: Inuit Carving

                                                   from the Northwest Territories                   

                                                   Inuit Gallery of Vancouver                       

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       February - March 1983     Return of the Birds

                                                   Inuit Gallery of Vancouver                       

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       Nov - December 1986     Cape Dorset Prints and Sculpture

                                                   McMaster Art Gallery                             

                                                   Hamilton, Ontario

       Oct - November 1987      1987 Eskimo Art

                                                   Franz Bader Gallery                               

                                                   Washington, DC, U.S.A.

       November 1987                Inuit Traditions in Graphics: 1961-1987

                                                   Arctic Artistry                                   

                                                   Hartsdale, New York, U.S.A.

       March - April 1988            Works on Paper from the Permanent

                                                   Collection of Inuit Art                           

                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

       April - May 1988                Exhibition of Original Drawings by

                                                   Three Inuit Artists from Cape Dorset:            

                                                   Kenojuak Ashevak, Kananginak Pootoogook          

                                                   and Eliyakota Samualie                           

                                                   Gallery Phillip                                  

                                                   Don Mills, Ontario

       March 1989                        Kenojuak Ashevak, Eliyakota Samualie,

                                                   Aoudla Pudlat                                    

                                                   Gallery Phillip                                  

                                                   Don Mills, Ontario

                                                   (illustrated brochure)

       May 1989                           Birds: Sculpture from Cape Dorset

                                                   & Rock Ptarmigan Limited Edition                 

                                                   Print by Kananginak                              

                                                   The Guild Shop                                   

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       August - October 1989     Inuit Graphic Art from Indian

                                                   & Northern Affairs Canada                        

                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                             

                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba

       November 1993 - January 1994           

                                                   Contemporary Inuit Drawings

                                                   Muscarelle Museum of Art                         

                                                   College of William and Mary                      

                                                   Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       May - June 1994               Cape Dorset Revisited - a collection

                                                   of previously unreleased prints, exhibited       

                                                   at selected commercial galleries, organized by   

                                                   West Baffin Eskimo Co-op                         

                                                   Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories

       May 1994 - July 1995       Cape Dorset Revisited

                                                   McMichael Canadian Art Collection                

                                                   Kleinburg, Ontario

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       March - July 1995              Immaginario Inuit

                                                   Arte e cultura degli esquimesi canadesi          

                                                   Galleria d'Arte Moderna                          

                                                   e Contemporanea                                  

                                                   Verona, Italy

                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

       March - April 1996            Works on Paper from the Permanent

                                                   Collection of Inuit Art                          

                                                   Canadian Guild of Craft Quebec                   

                                                   Montreal, Quebec


       July - August 1979             Eliyakota/Cape Dorset

                                                   Gallery One                                      

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       Nov - December 1986      Eliyakota


                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                  

                                                   Montreal, Quebec

                                                   (illustrated brochure)



       Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

       Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Ontario

       Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec, Montreal, Quebec

       Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec

       Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

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       Jacqui and Morris Shumiatcher Collection, Saskatchewan

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       Teleglobe Canada, Montreal, Quebec

       University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta

       Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba        


       1979     Gallery One Commission, Toronto. The artist,s 'Ptarmigan' and 'Ptarmigan and

                Fish' prints were commissioned by Gallery One.

       1982     'Canada Living' Poster Commission. Eliyakota was one of four artists

                commissioned to create prints, which were used as poster designs for 'Canada


       1984     Norgraphics Commission. Eliyakota was one of three artists to produce a

                collection of limited edition etchings; documented in teh Cape Dorset Graphic

                annual catalogue of 1985.

       1986     Norgraphics Limited. Eliyakota was one of several artists whose work was

                acquired and released by Norgraphics Limited between 1976 and 1984. The works

                that were selected are documented in the Cape Dorset Graphic annual catalogue

                of 1986.




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